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The inaugural burrito of The LA Burrito Guide: Downtown LA King Taco Burrito!

Gotten while working on a film set in the middle of the night in downtown LA, this burrito was fabulous. SO FABULOUS that it was the face that launched a thousand ships- the tortilla wrapped free-for-all that BEGAN THE LA BURRITO GUIDE!!

OH King Taco! How you have changed the face of the planet! Millions upon millions of salivating Los Angeles residents thank you for your contribution to society. OH KING TACO! HAIL KING TACO! OH MIGHTY KING OF MY PALATE! OH festooned PRINCE of the latino smorgasboard. Make love to my taste buds once more, you majestic towering onslaught of oral enrichment!!!!!

King Taco Restaurant Inc No 9
(323) 264-3940
2400 E Cesar E Chavez Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90033

The Chicken Burrito from King Taco

This is the first burrito I have ever had with peas and carrots in it. They were an excellent addition which did not detract from the overall classic burrito-esque flavor. The burrito was accompanied by a special house salsa that, while green, did not exhibit the characteristics of an average salsa verde per se. It was a thicker, spicier salsa verde, which elevated the experience even further in uniquity (an invented word meaning uniqueness).

Having distinguished itself through odd ingredients and a special salsa, the burrito went FURTHER still. The chicken within this chicken burrito not only included your classic shredded chicken, but also included LARGE, MAJESTIC chunks of fresh delicious grilled chicken. They were so good, that even reheated the next day, they maintained an orgasmic intensity of flavor and texture.

Beyond all this, the burrito had a special characteristic. Many burritos range in caloric content from 700 calories to 1000 calories and way beyond. A big burrito is most of a day's meals rolled into one. The problem is a burrito should not taste and FEEL that way. If you've ever had an entire twice-grilled El Pollo Loco burrito and lived to tell the tale, you know the feeling of the brick-in-your-stomach burrito, the pound of flesh burrito of guilty fat reflection. (Don't get me wrong, certain burritos are made massive in size for a purpose, and are delicious if enjoyed all at once, or half for lunch half for dinner, but these are exceptions.)

Generally, a burrito should not taste and feel as if you are eating a Buick. The King Taco burrito, my friends, was large and filled with deliciousity, BUT I do not feel distended nor even slightly unsatisfactorily full. HOWEVER, I am filled and satisfied. This is the mark of a perfectly sized burrito- one that satisfies but does not make the eater uncomfortable, and does not need to be accompanied by anything but salsa.


If 100% is a perfect burrito crafted by the hands of God or a Walrus, I give this burrito a ...

89% !!!!!!!!

Party on, King Taco.

A link to a professional review of King Taco: http://www.downtownnews.com/rg01/king.html

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